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They mean one thing—but they mean something else at the same time. In many cases, this is because they have both a literal and a figurative meaning. The literal meaning of a word is its most basic and most obvious meaning. One type of figurative language is symbolism, or the use of symbols. A symbol is an object, setting, event, animal, or person that on one level is itself, but that has another meaning as well.

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For example, the American flag is a piece of fabric with stars and stripes on it, but it also represents the United States and ideals like freedom, patriotism, and pride. In literature, the sun might be used as a symbol; it would be the literal sun, but it might also represent an idea like happiness or hope. Use details from the article and the sidebar in your response. Use a separate sheet of paper for your answer.

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And this time he could not pull himself out of the swirling blackness. A He was a first-class passenger. B He was returning from a European vacation.

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D sequential. Directions: Answer the questions below on the back of this page or on another piece of paper. Why or why not? Be sure to use text evidence to support your response. Bruce Ismay deserve his fate? Use at least two pieces of text evidence to support your answer. Then answer the multiple-choice questions below. What feelings do these words evoke? Hint: Consider how she describes the water. Do you think Jack saw himself as a hero? Do you agree with Hearst?

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What do you predict the story will be about? Circle one or more of the choices below, and explain your choice. A person If so, whom? What feeling does the Titanic poster convey? What feeling does the picture of a person under the water convey? What does this contrast of images suggest?

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Then complete the following: 3. The first section is the introduction.

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What is the MAIN purpose of the article? Bruce Ismay and Jack Thayer. Jones says he stayed in a hotel with lots of amenities. What is MOST likely true about where he stayed? B It was an expensive luxury hotel. D It has changed owners many times. I got a haircut and everything. White makes three wishes that appear to come true—in a horrible way!

But do the wishes really come true? Or could the apparent results of Mr. Directions: Consider how the apparent granting of each of Mr.

Write as convincing an argument as you can for each interpretation. Wish No. White wishes for pounds. It was magic! It was a coincidence! Coincidence or Magic? White wishes for Herbert to come back to life. White wishes for what he believes to be Herbert to go away. What happens: The knocking stops, and no one is outside when Mrs. White flings open the door. D all of the above 2. White laugh at their superstitions. White wishes that his son would disappear, the knocking stops.

Use at least three pieces of text evidence to support your answer. Use at least three pieces of text evidence to explain how the story supports this moral. Support your answer with details from the play. White says the apparent granting of his first wish was a coincidence. Do you think he really believes this? Section 1: Characters 1.

What is their purpose in the play? What is an example of direct characterization of Morris? What are two examples of indirect characterization of Morris? Briefly describe the setting. At what later events does the foreshadowing hint? Which words and details tell you how the author feels about the characters and the subject matter? Does it stay the same throughout the play, or does it change? Which imagery, words, ideas, and aspects of the setting or plot caused you to feel the way you did while reading?

How is it carried out? What happens to make this a turning point? See also: figurative language. See also: protagonist. An aside is usually used to let the audience know what a character is thinking. Characterization may be direct or indirect. The climax is also the part of a narrative when the reader or audience member experiences the most intense emotions.

See also: plot. A conflict may be external between the character and another person, society, nature, or technology or internal a struggle within the character. This may be a change in understanding, values, insight, etc. See also: static character. Figurative language uses words in some way other than for their literal meanings to make a comparison, add emphasis, or say something in a fresh and creative way. Examples of figurative language include alliteration, hyperbole, idiom, imagery, metaphor, flashback FLASH-bak : When a writer inserts a scene into a story that occurred before the present time in the story.

Flashbacks provide background information about events happening during the current narration. They may be presented as memories, dreams, or stories of the past told by characters. Authors use foreshadowing to build suspense and to prepare the reader for what happens later. Authors use imagery to describe actions, characters, objects, and ideas, and to heighten the emotional effect of their writing.

One way authors create imagery is through the use of figurative language. You can find definitions of these words in this glossary.

Glossary of Literary terms, page 3 of 4 throughout all, or almost all, of a story. There may be one major character in a story, or several. Examples: What you eat affect s your health. It means a result or a consequence. Examples: The effect of eating well is a healthy body. The allergy medicine had a negative effect on Dylan; it actually made him itchier.

Eating right before going to bed alters my sleep. The rain had almost no impact on traffic. This activity uses only the most common meanings. Directions: Circle the correct boldface word in each sentence below. Directions: Rewrite the sentences below, changing the word in bold to a form of either affect or effect.