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VIP users will receive further evaluations by advanced module of e-grader and human graders. The country's rapid growth also led to a greater need for teachers. While men were leaving teaching and pursuing work in the developing fields of business and industry, Beecher recognized the untapped potential in the growing population of educated women and advocated for the wider education of females to fill this increasing need for teachers. Catharine Beecher managed to get an education primarily through independent study, and she became a schoolteacher in In , she co-founded the innovative Hartford Female Seminary, whose purpose was to train women to be mothers and teachers.

In , she published a seminal essay on the importance of women as teachers, "Suggestions Respecting Improvements in Education. In , she published her most well-known work, A Treatise on Domestic Economy , which aimed to codify domestic duties and emphasized the importance of women's labor. Beecher extolled the feminine virtues and believed that femininity was innately suited to the responsibilities of both mothers and teachers.

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Beecher did not believe that women necessarily had to marry and have children, as she herself never did. A single woman could become a teacher, thus allowing her to share her feminine virtues with society and preparing her for the role of mother she might eventually assume. A mass of contradictions, Beecher championed the intellectual capabilities of women, but remained an anti-suffragist throughout her life, believing that women could best influence society by their work in the home and the schoolhouse. It is no wonder why majority of both male and female respondents agreed that they performed better in class when being taught by female teacher, since most of the characteristics of an effective teacher are shown by the female teachers.

Male teachers are considered as more serious and lack the motherly touch when compared to the female teachers. Since male teacher is more serious and masculine, they are considered better in managing the classroom compared to the females. Disciplinary issue can be an important element in making the classroom more engaging and interesting.

Male teacher are seen as more able to control the classroom. According to Bennett , students do not have different standards of reference for male and female instructors, but women are perceived to be less authoritarian and more charismatic. Student evaluations are a common, if flawed, method for teachers to receive feedback about their teaching. Therefore, students may have biased perceptions of the differences between male and female teachers.

For the second research question, the findings are to answer the question on whether Students have different expectation towards their teacher based on gender.

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The finding indicates that students do have different expectation towards their teacher based on the gender of the teacher. The answers extracted in the open-ended section of questionnaire suggest that the difference in expectation is based on several factors. Some of the factors pointed out are teaching styles, attitudes, and personalities. Female teachers are looked by the students as being more effective teachers because of their personality and attitude, where they are softer, understanding, and kind. Learning takes place with ease and faster under teachers that are well organized.

The way teachers interact with students influences their motivation and attitudes toward school. The findings also suggest that, for the male teacher, they are looked by their students as being more knowledgeable, less emotional, less bias, and more relaxed.

A study by Basow also revealed that students perceived female instructors to be more sensitive and considerate of student ideas whereas male instructors were believed to be more knowledgeable. Based on the overall findings of the likert-scale section, students put higher expectation towards female teachers compared to male teachers, especially in terms of interpersonal skills, such as being more supportive, passionate with teaching, easier to approach and interact, providing more opportunity for discussion, and interest to help individual learners. While most of the statements in the questionnaire given are highly expected of female teachers, male teachers are slightly more expected in terms of being more knowledgeable, and giving clearer instructions compared to female teachers.

For the rest of the list, which making learners interested and being credible and believable, both male and female teachers scored equal.

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This is in accordance with the findings of the study, where male students put higher expectation than female students in areas where a teacher should be an expert in the subject being taught, and expect them to give clear instructions in the classroom. A reason why female teachers are highly considered of these characteristics is probably because of gender stereotype or role model based on gender. It is about how they perceive on how gender specific role should be played in social interaction, where male should be more serious and knowledgeable, and female should be more caring and open.

Interaction between teacher and students are important where learning environment should be a two-way communication.

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If there is an art essential to good teaching, it is that of communication. Level of interaction can be an indication of how well the teaching lesson is being carried out by a teacher. The findings suggest that students are slightly afraid to ask questions during the learning period when the teacher is the opposite gender of them. Based on the answers given by the students, it is because they are shy towards their teacher, and afraid of being scolded and embarrassed by the teacher.

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According to Covington , students engage in some behaviors considered detrimental to learning, such as avoiding seeking help, in order to protect self-worth. Thus, students may avoid asking questions if they feel that doing so would demonstrate a lack of knowledge or ability. The findings also indicate that students are able to interact easily in the classroom when the teacher is of the same gender as them. Some of the reasons stated are because of the level of understanding, comfortable to talk, and easier to communicate. Having teacher of the same gender can make a difference on the level of interactivity in the classroom.

Students admitted that they are more comfortable putting forth their opinions because they have someone that they can relate to in terms of gender. According to Holmlund and Sund , teachers are the role models for the students. If students identify themselves more with same-sex role models, it is possible that performance will be enhanced when students have a teacher of their own gender.

Therefore, female students have less motivation to be active in the classroom and that will affect their performance in class. For the last findings, open ended questions are used in the questionnaire to extract information on why they prefer teacher of specific gender in the classroom, and which gender of teacher teaches them more effectively.

Unfortunately, only half of the respondents answered the questions for this part. Based on the open ended questions answered, researcher found several factors that constitute how students show their preferences towards teacher based on the gender. Several key factors include communication skills, the level of interactivity in the classroom, level of understanding, passion on teaching, and being creative. The most important factor given by students based on its frequency is communication skill.

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Like some of the previous recommendation made by researchers before this study, a gender specific classroom could be one of the way to utilized the teacher-student gender compatibility. Education already moving towards applying learner-centered , but does schools really practice it? Learner-centered in the eyes of the school might be different in the eyes of the student. Focus should be on the students, therefore there is a need to consider what students thinks on what is best for them.

Nevertheless, it is for the betterment of the students learning process. Leonard Sax of the National Association for Single-Sex Public Education suggests there are a large number of reasons why males and females should be separated during class time at school. He points out two of these reasons as he reveals that there are gender differences in the brain and gender differences in learning styles. Gender specific classrooms could cater these two different factors by having two different brains and two different teaching styles, being put into their own group.