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Most of the illustrations of betrayal in this story are fairly upfront, until Act 3, after Caesar has been killed. His friend Mark Anthony acts as though he is betraying Caesar in order to take his revenge later.

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When he first arrives at the murder scene, he shakes hands with all of the conspirators that have killed Caesar, even though their hands are covered with blood. He then comments, "Shall it not grieve thee dearer than thy death to see thy Anthony making his piece, shaking the bloody fingers of thy foes, most noble! In the presence of thy corpse? He is actually speaking to the spirit of Caesar. Anthony plays this part of fake betrayal to Caesar, continuing by agreeing to Brutus that he will not say anything bad about him after Brutus is done speaking at the funeral of Caesar.

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Yet the true betrayal happens when Anthony begins to discount everything Brutus has just said to the citizens, and he turns the citizens against Brutus and the other conspirators. The citizens become enraged as they feel that their leader, Caesar, has been betrayed by the killers. The last example of betrayal can be seen as family betrays another family.

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  • The first family betrayal is when Lepidus consents to have his brother killed along with the other conspirators. Octavius asks Lepidus, "your brother too must die; consent you Lepidus? The ensuing act of family betrayal is when Mark Anthony agrees that his sister's son, Publius, will be killed as well.

    Anthony replies without hesitation, "He shall not live; look with a spot I damn him," Act 5, Scene 1. There are other cases of betrayal in Julius Caesar, because betrayal is a concept that the whole story is based on, interweaving almost all the characters of the story. From the major storyline of the betrayal of Caesar, to the minor betrayals between characters which cause Caesar's death ultimately makes the theme of the story. We use cookies. What does it mean? The biggest similarity between Brutus and Cassius is the fact that they both want to kill Caesar.

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    Brutus would never dream of killing another human being out of spite; he believes in the principles of honesty and justice. Brutus is different from Cassius for he is always calm, straight forward, and noble, but he is also very gullible. He is additionally extremely respectable, and it is his nobleness that conveys him to his end when he was deceived into murdering Caesar for the benefit of the republic.

    Brutus also, makes statements on people without any exceptions. This could be appeared when clear in his claim with Cassius. He told Cassius all the negative things he considers approximately him without changing his words. This shows indiscriminate killing. Be that as it may, a similarity is that they both think it preferred to kick the bucket over to live under run of the new triumvirate, and both murder themselves as opposed to endure the mortification of being driven through Rome as detainees.

    Brutus likewise has a guileless identity, and would think anything that anybody said to him, this is the manner by which he got deceived into being a piece of the plot. Another difference is their motivations for killing Caesar differ far greatly than anything else between the two of them. They both consider Caesar to be a danger, and perceive his aspiration to be the best and run totally finished Rome and Italy.

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    But, Brutuss takes part in the murder for the good of Rome, believing that he was doing the wrong thing. This is how Shakespeare often show his characters, by using contrasting characters to emphasize the characteristics of a major character. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails.

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