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Similes and Metaphors Review — Practice describing people and things using similes and metaphors.

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Topic Sentences Review — Practice writing topic sentences. The Body of a Paragraph Introduction — Introduction to the body of a paragraph and the information that should be contained therein. The Body of a Paragraph Review — Practice thinking of information to use in the body of a paragraph. Concluding Sentences Introduction — Introduction to concluding sentences and their function in a paragraph.

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Concluding Sentences Review — Practice writing concluding sentences. Sentence Fragments and Complete Sentences — Introduction to sentence fragments and a review exercise to practice identifying them. Run-on Sentences — Worksheet to practice correcting run-on sentences. Comma Splices and Conjunctions — Worksheet to practice using conjunctions correctly to fix comma splices.

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Semi-colons — Introduction to this often baffling piece of punctuation, with a review exercise. Review of these Transitions and Connectors — Review worksheet to practice using all of the transition words above.

Despite vs. Although — Explanation of how to use these similar transition words, with several sample sentences. Because vs. Because of — Explanation of how to use these similar transition words correctly, with several sample sentences.

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Although — Explanation of the difference between these two words, with several examples and a review exercise. Because of vs. Despite — Worksheet to practice using these transitions, which have nearly opposite meanings. Regardless of — Introduction to this commonly used transition, with several sample sentences. Transitions and Punctuation — Explanation of how to correctly punctuate transitions using commas, periods, and semi-colons.

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Also includes a review worksheet. Transitions and Punctuation 2 — Students rewrite a short essay, adding punctuation around transition words as needed. Here are some activities and game-like things to make writing a bit more enjoyable. The rule of three is the idea that people will remember something better if they hear it reiterated in a group of three.

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In the conclusion, your students will sum things up by reminding the reader of their main points. This is their last opportunity to really drive home their thesis. Make sure they know they should not be introducing any new points in their conclusion, but they can include a quotation or thought for the future. Writing an essay in an unfamiliar language can be difficult, but your students can achieve it if they have the proper instruction. Remember to get them up to speed on the fundamentals of writing first.

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Follow this guide to teach your ESL students essay writing. Grace Carter is an educator and curates teaching lessons, and improves the quality. She also teaches creative writing. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Have the Basics Down First Before you begin teaching your students how to write an essay, you should make sure they have basic sentence formation down.

Introduction Show you students how to write a proper introduction. Main Argument Your students will probably find it easiest to stick to the traditional three main body paragraphs format. Conclusion Writing an essay in an unfamiliar language can be difficult, but your students can achieve it if they have the proper instruction.

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