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Below are three very different questions, but they each ask the applicant to think through a holistic way of building a business case to make a persuasive argument. Does the applicant have a logical approach to developing an answer? Most likely he or she does not know the volume of a jetliner, but are they making reasonable assumptions?

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Do they highlight assumptions, discuss where to get data, and arrive at a conclusion that follows from the thought process? These questions are designed to ask how the applicant might respond to a challenging personal situation. How does the applicant work through the social dynamics and impacts on long-term relationships, applying the heavy hand of senior staff, and displaying a general sensitivity to social issues?

Also, does the applicant consider process solutions in addition to people solutions?

Case Study Interview Examples: Questions and Answers

There is another benefit of using case interviews; often, interviewers may not even be aware of their own personal biases. We typically compare applicants against our own experiences, backgrounds, educations. All rights reserved. Take the Day. Register Now.

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Case interviews: what finance concepts do I need to know?

How Can Finance Measure Innovation? Here Are 13 Ideas. An ice cream maker that sells its products in supermarkets is considering opening a chain of proprietary stores. Case studies offer a method to evaluate who the firm believes will be the best Consultants among many qualified and talented candidates. Importantly, many corporations e.

Microsoft, Google, etc. In each case, the core concept of Case Study-oriented interviewing has been tweaked to fit the demands and specifics of the relevant firm or industry. For example, high-tech firms that have adopted this framework tend to ask about technology-oriented cases, while hedge funds and private equity firms use Case Studies that are more investments-oriented.

We believe, therefore, that this training guide can be very effective for individuals applying for jobs in those areas as well. We recommend that all Management Consulting job candidates, as well as individuals applying for jobs where Case Studies are an important part of the process, review all the concepts and methodologies laid out in this training guide and practice an enormous number of cases to successfully crack the cases. Here are the basics. Business Situation Case Studies are typically more involved and often require specific frameworks or a selection of possible frameworks to address well.

These cases require a high degree of structure in order to summarize the issues and drill down into them effectively. Each of these types of Case Study questions is addressed directly in a separate chapter later in this guide. We also address this question type in a separate chapter at the end of this training guide. However please note that this category is less common than the others, and is becoming even less common. When you are given a Case Study question of any type, the following areas will be tracked and graded by the interviewing Consultant as you respond:.

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There is a general approach that applies to responding to Case Studies that you should take into account as you practice cases. Case studies vary in type and style, but these general points apply to all cases whether they are open-ended looking for a series of recommendations or seeking a specific numerical answer.

In responding to Consulting Case Study questions, your thought process should always go back to this 4-step process. Case Study Basics Here are the basics. When you are given a Case Study question of any type, the following areas will be tracked and graded by the interviewing Consultant as you respond: Ability to structure ideas in an effective way.

Can the candidate quickly enumerate and prioritize the issues? Is the overall approach to the problems posed in the case systematic and organized? Is the approach appropriate given the type of information available? Ability to communicate articulately and concisely. Can the candidate communicate the issues and priorities back to the interviewer in a lucid way?

How to Ask Your Customer for a Case Study

Can he or she ask appropriate questions and quickly and accurately dive deeper into puzzling issues? How comfortable is the candidate with quickly performing numerical analysis in his or her head or on a piece of paper? Can he or she estimate accurately and efficiently? Is the overall quantitative approach systematic and accurate? Does the candidate demonstrate comfort and confidence as the analysis of the case proceeds? If a candidate gets stuck on an issue, does he or she convey the ability to maintain composure and recover effectively?

Ability to synthesize information.

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Responding to a Case Study There is a general approach that applies to responding to Case Studies that you should take into account as you practice cases. Be certain you understand the case and what the interviewer is asking you to conclude e.

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You are allowed to, and it is expected that you will, ask questions to better understand the case and deliverables. Asking questions and interacting with the interviewer shows an ability to be composed under pressure. Always accept the facts and advice offered by the interviewer ; this is not the time to attempt to show that you are smarter than the interviewer.

Do not be concerned about being repetitive—it is more important to be sure that you are answering the right question. Many nervous applicants start to answer the question before they understand what they are being asked to do. A simple outline structure helps you to keep your analysis and answer structured, which is important.