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Document Type PhD thesis. Access Status Open Access. To achieve this aim, three research questions are addressed: 1 how do Chinese actors form their goals in investing in African dam construction? Starting from a genealogy of the shaping of the Chinese dam construction industry, this thesis applies a technopolitical approach to disentangling the historical, technical, political, social and environmental complexity associated with dams and proceeds with a life cycle analysis of a specific project in Africa, which is financed and built by Chinese actors — the Bui dam construction in Ghana.

Informed by qualitative data collected from open sources and fieldwork mainly in Beijing, Accra and Bui, the thesis finds that investing in African dam construction, the Chinese government and corporations have divergent priorities but interlocking goals, but the formations of the goals of Chinese actors affect each other; and that although their practices are mainly informed by their goals, the Chinese activities overseas are affected and challenged by the interplay with external technocratic and political influences which sometimes lead to uncertain consequences.

The work may not be altered without permission from the copyright owner. Readers may only download, print and save electronic copies of whole works for their own personal non-commercial use. Any use that exceeds these limits requires permission from the copyright owner. Attribution is essential when quoting or paraphrasing from these works. The greatest risk involved in capital market securities is fluctuations in security prices. Risks involved in capital markets cannot be diversified, and return and risk cannot be separated. In capital markets, risks increases proportionally with returns Liaw, If there is a chance of a high return, there is also a high risk.

Investing in capital markets is associated with market, regulatory, industry, and business risks. Stock market falls and rises depending on many factors, and this increases the risk involved in capital markets Mandron, Treasury bills are issued by the United States government, and they mature in less than one year. The ones that are sold at a discount from face value then bought and later sold are the safest to invest in over short-term savings.

The current risk return relationship involved in treasury bill is regulated through securities laws Mandron, This makes treasury bills an investment opportunity with the least risks. However, the downside of treasury bills is that investors will not get a high return because treasuries are safe; they will only get the returns after the maturity date Mandron, This will enable investors manage any risk in money market.

Understanding the various risk involved in money market will include understanding the market risk, interest rate risk, inflation risk, and credit risk.

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Awareness of all of these risks will help an investor make informed decision based on current issues Mandron, Risks involved in capital market securities are hard to minimize. Therefore, adapting and making informed decisions based on research will reduce risks involved in these markets. Paying close attention to capital markets, an investor can increase returns Liaw, Since the risks increases as returns increase, it is advisable to accept losses. However, an effective strategy to minimize risks is to maximize profits and minimize losses. Treasury bills have been known to have reduced risks compared to other securities; however, an investor cannot get his or her money before the maturation date.

To minimize this impediment, an investor should consider diversifying investments Mandron, The Federal Reserve is responsible for the monetary policy, and this affects availability and cost of credit and money in the economy. Through activities such as open market operations, the Federal Reserve and its monetary policy contributes to better economic performance and financial stability in the country. Preventing financial disruption ensures that capital and money markets securities are not affected.

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This prevents risks that may arise from disrupted economic environment. The Federal Reserve and its monetary policy affect securities through a number of ways. It sets the discount rate that banks pay on short-term loans.

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However, the use of open market operations is the most essential tool that affects money markets, capital markets and treasury bills. The main aim of the Federal Reserve and its monetary policies in trading the securities is to affect the federal funds.

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Order now Live Chat. This will mean that investing in money markets securities for the period of 12 months and 5 years will be a good idea. This will also be true with capital markets securities and treasury bills.

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All of these securities are dependent on the growth of the economy Mandron, Financial experts claim that the USA cannot witness another financial recession like the one in Therefore, investing in all of these three securities will be good because the economy will remain stabilized despite the mounting debt issues facing the world.

This will generate little returns on all the securities because the Federal Reserve will continue their low rate policy. Investing in treasury bills will return lower in the next ten years as inflation levels are expected to rise. Hence, in the next 10 years, investing in stocks will be a good idea because equity returns beforehand valuation changes is a role of earning growth Mandron, Feb 4, in Business.

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